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Thursday, May 12, 2016

I am still here ... just don't know where the time goes!!!!

Crochet keeps me happy.  But my most recent joy in relation to crochet is that my 3 oldest granddaughters, 11, 10, and 9 years of age have been crocheting with me recently.  The youngest wanted to make a gift for a little one turning 1  and she made a really cute headband and the flower for it ~ I wish I had gotten a picture of this but I did not :(  
The "middle" button (she is the oldest & the youngest one's cousin  so not truly a "middle button" LOL)   wanted to practice her 'double crochet', a.k.a.  dc stitch.   She worked on it and then practiced working sc for one row and then hdc for one row.  I am the one who was blessed by her "practice" as now I  am the proud grandma with a new dishcloth for washing dirty dishes!!!
And now the news with the oldest love ~ she is working on a gift for her new cousin, our 4th granddaughter.   I can't reveal what she is making at this time as it is a surprise :)  
Back to my middle lovebug ... her plan in practicing her stitches ~ she wants to make her brother a scarf.  So I see a bit of busy days coming my way this summer  <3 be="" couldn="" happier.="" i="" nbsp="" p="" t="">
Life of course is full of ups and downs ~ the bottom line is that I am so very thankful to God for all His blessings in my life regardless of any up or any down I may be facing!!!!

I wish you all "frog free" crocheting ~ and may you share your love of crochet with someone today!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

It's been so long that I have forgotten how to blog!

Well hello there!   If you are reading this then welcome to my little world.  Here on this blog (which if you look you will see I don't put enough time & effort into keeping current!)  I try to share a bit of what keeps me busy with my crocheting, and life in general ~ although it was originally intended to be mostly about my crocheting.   So what brings me back to my long forgotten blog today? So glad you asked (you were wondering at least weren't you?)   ~  Someone on one of the crochet groups on Facebook shared a photo of a really cute looking pair of slippers asking if anyone knew where to obtain the pattern.   Now being overly busy myself  with other projects of course I just had to see if I could find that pattern :)   and here is the picture and the blog that has the pattern for sale (in case you find yourself suddenly interested in crocheting these really supper cute looking slippers!)


So you can clearly see why I wanted to find the pattern ~ or aren't you into super cute slippers?  In any case it's on a Blogger blog and it made me think about just when did I last share anything on my blogger blog???   Way too long ago to remember!    So while I get back to my hook and thread (yes crochet thread size 10 as I'm working on a simple curtain for our kitchen window ~ long overdue!!!!)  I hope you will find some enjoyment out of the above pattern $4 seems reasonable for something that the whole family would enjoy!
Hope your projects are all 'frog free' ~  until my blog comes back into focus once again ...  happy crocheting :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins :)

Pumpkins :)
So recently a friend of mine asked if I would make her new grandson a "pumpkin hat" ... so I searched for a free pattern and came up with two immediately.  The first one was found here :


and the second one was found here :
I not only made two hats for her grandson I also made a hat for my newest grandson, and another for a friend's son who is almost one year old.  Then I made yet another infant sized hat for a family member who wanted it for a gift.     They are both really easy patterns and the hats are so C U T E !!!!

So my time is now being turned back towards the sweater for myself that had been set aside for a while ... and also towards a really cute headband pattern I just came across today!   

Wishing you all 'frog free' projects!!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

How Time Flies!!!!

Since  last I wrote ~ the shrugs were finished on time & I've been busy with lots of different things. 
Recently I was playing around on the Bernat website looking through their free patterns. And I came across a shawl collar short sleeve sweater.  I can't wait to work on it ~ for Me!!!
I had a top in the works and was almost done with it but it was not fitting the way I wanted, and I wasn't happy with it enough to finish it and wear it anywhere. 
Well I just frogged the entire project and hope it is enough yarn to work up this one ;-) 
If this works out well I can see me making it in several colors!!!! 
Stay tuned :-)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shrugs on my hook

My sweet granddaughter requested a new shrug~ in time for Easter Sunday ~ I love what I've come up with & already know exactly what I'm making for my other lovebugs ( the girls ) shrugs :)

Haven't made the baby items & yes they are still on my must do list :)

Wishing you all Frog free projects!!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Oh Baby Baby what to make next????

Infant dresses, hats, booties, baby afghans, daddy deployment blankets, and the list goes on ... add to all of the baby items on my "wish to make" list there are more ruffle scarves to be made ... and then in the process of looking through my yarn stash I come across several "UFO's"  (Un-Finished Objects)   that make me want to get them finished!!!   
Today I think I will attempt my hand at a new pattern ...only if my drippy nose stops long enough :)   if not then back to more scarves that are so cute & fast to work up!!!!   

I have several patterns ready to try when I do I will share which ones and pictures :)   

I still need to post a pic or two of the recent baby afghan I made ~ the free pattern from Red Heart called Sunny Throw I simply made 25 squares instead of the full amount required for the full afghan & then after joining them I crocheted around the trim edge the way I wanted.   
It came out so pretty!!!!   Unfortunately my photos are on my phone & I'm working on my laptop right now so later I will get on with my phone & post a pic of the baby afghan ;) 

Wishing you all frog free projects!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

More ruffles

When I made my first ruffle scarf my 8 yr old granddaughter wanted it ~ to which I immediately said, "No" but it didn't take me to long change my mind.
I will admit it looks great on her dainty neck :)
So naturally I will now make her younger sister one as well :)

What have you been busy working on?
I had to get my desk under control again so hopefully it will remain half way decent for a while???? Hopefully being the operative word here.
Wishing you all frog free projects !